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Visit our museum today! With the help of some exquisite Oldtimers, the KOLLER Oldtimer Museum offers over 120 years of automobile history in the generously and lovingly designed Heldenberg exhibition hall. Experience the history of motion close up. The range is complemented by the many other attractions in the Heldenberg exhibition centre. An experience for the whole family!

Relax in the smart, modern atmosphere and discover the history of automobile motion. Spoil yourself with a memento of your time here with one of the many select products from our well-stocked shop, such as the exquisite Oldtimer wines from the region, for example, or calendars, posters, postcards or a fashionable Oldtimer cap.

There is also the option of taking the Wetzdorf wine walking route, which is approx. 7 km long and offers the chance to explore many places of interest, such as game reserves, wine fountains and much more.

Have a quick look at our website and find out about our many attractions. We look forward to meeting you in person soon and being able to welcome you as a visitor to our museum!

With every entry ticket to the Oldtimer museum a visit to the English Gardens is also included!


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Mondays only on holidays

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KOLLER Klassik 2013 am Heldenberg
5. Koller Klassik - 27. April 2013

Anlässlich der Hochzeit von William und Kate
ORF 2 "Frühlingszeit" Beitrag vom 29. April 2011

Chrom PS und Leder - Leidenschaft Oldtimer
ORF 2 "Erlebnis Österreich" Beitrag vom 15. Mai 2010

Peter Kraus im Koller Oldtimermuseum Heldenberg:
ORF 2 "Herbstzeit" Beitrag vom 23.November 2009

"Miss Austrias on Tour" zu Gast im Koller Oldtimermuseum
ATV "Hi Society" Beitrag vom 14. April 2009

NÖ Heute "Aufgespürt" - Koller Oldtimermuseum
ORF 2 "Bundesland Heute" Beitrag vom 12. März 2009

Vorstellung des Koller Oldtimermuseum`s
ORF 2 "Winterzeit" Beitrag vom 12. Februar 2009

Katalogshooting mit Topmodel Jessica van der Steen
ATV "Hi Society" Beitrag vom 21. Jänner 2009

Popp & Kretschmer Katalogshooting
ORF 2 "Seitenblicke" Beitrag vom Jänner 2009

Popp & Kretschmer Katalogshooting mit Topmodel Jessica van der Steen
ORF 2 "Winterzeit" Beitrag vom Jänner 2009

Eindrücke aus dem Koller Oldtimermuseum
ORF 2 "ECO" Beitrag vom 27. September 2007

Video über das Koller Oldtimermuseum
Erleben Sie das beeindruckende Ambiente und gewinnen Sie so einen ersten Eindruck

Oldtimertreffen Korneuburg 2007
Vier Fahrzeuge des Koller Oldtimermuseums nahmen an dem Oldtimertreffen teil
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