Success at three levels

Koller is an internationally successful enterprise with the necessary experience and the right feeling for innovation.
All products are produced in-house and inside the EU. Koller International Group is subdivided into three different business divisions.


Rudolf Koller discovered the whirlpools in the USA and brought them to Europe. During the past few decades, Koller has provided these systems with a lot of innovative features and thus improved the whirlpools. 

Koller translated the technology to bathtubs and manufactured the components from brass. This innovative power of the early years still persists in the company, making it the optimum partner for whirlpool systems. 

In addition to systems for whirlpool tubs and spa whirlpools we offer shower components, products for water revitalization, as well as bath additives.


Using state-of-the-art technology and constantly investing into new machinery, Koller manages to meet customer wishes flexibly, quickly and easily. Brass and sheet metal parts, as well as printed circuit boards, switches, remote controls, and cables of all lengths and dimensions are produced.

In the fields of injection moulding and mould making, Koller has sufficient experience and sound knowledge to ensure an optimum design of moulded parts and tools. Development and production from one source are the basis for high-quality plastic parts.


Apart from the technology for whirlpools and metal and plastics technology, the company of Rudolf Koller is also an expert for a completely natural material: wood. 

Koller Holz offers a wide range of products for commercial and private use: concrete formwork panels of all sizes and dimensions, sawn timber and construction timber, firewood, wood briquets, decking boards and wood preservation products.

Koller International Group

With comprehensive technical know-how, perfectly trained employees and the ingenuity that has made Koller great we find the best possible solutions for your requirements. Learn more about Koller International Group:
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