The Koller milestones


The beginning of a success story

Rudolf Koller establishes Koller Whirl Sytsems and starts with a novelty: he begins to import and assemble spa tubs and the related components, by then largely unknown in Europe. He has the idea to install the massage nozzles of the spas also in conventional bathtubs. However, the products available for purchase do not meet his expectations in terms of quality. Therefore, the enterprise - still young then - starts to manufacture its own whirlpool nozzles using brass as the material of choice, thus reaching a new level of quality.


New developments on the path to success

The invention of the drain and overflow system with emptying function permits the complete drainage of all residual water via the jet and air duct drainage system, thus ensuring hygienic conditions in the bath. A successful cooperation is launched with POLYPEX GmbH, one of Austria’s leading bathtub manufacturers.


Continued growth at a new location

After acquiring the parent plant in Vitis, production facilities are installed by and by. Because of the great demand, the production site is constantly enlarged and expanded. The year is marked by some other innovations: the invention of the automatic dry-run protection sensor and the development of the electronic control panel for whirlpools.


Commissioning of the electroplating unit

Since this year, the company has operated its own in-house electroplating unit where all brass parts are carefully chrome-plated, as well as an in-house paint shop where all visible parts can be coated with any sanitary colour. In the same year, the first air jet worldwide is built at Koller.


Development of the automatic disinfection unit

At the touch of a button, the tub is disinfected fully automatically, a substantial contribution to ensuring hygienic conditions in whirlpool tubs.


Koller grows beyond boundaries

Starting activities in former Czechoslovakia is a major step for the enterprise. This growth provides Koller with a broader base for the international market. Development, however, remains rooted in Austria.


The small nozzle for the back and feet

The micro jet, an extra small jet nozzle, is developed. Due to its size it is easy to install, and it ensures a special massage comfort.


Whirlpool nozzles of high-quality plastics

The first plastic injection moulding machines is put up in a small rented building in Jindrichuv Hradec where manufacturing is started, ensuring the usual Koller quality and functionality. The new machines make the enterprise more flexible and allow it to offer its products in different materials.


Koller’s universally applicable tub reinforcement

In this year, the new development is launched on the market, readily accepted by renowned manufacturers.


Invention of the fitting-in-fitting technology - which saves working time and costs

This unique technology is a revolutionary invention in the field of whirlpool assembly. The infinitely variable fittings are designed such that each fitting simply fits into its counter piece - without any pipe in between. Since this year, air blowers have been produced and manufactured in-house.


Start of own pump production

The company starts to develop and produce speed-controlled pumps. The bottom suction system (drain and overflow set with suction) is also completed in this year.


Worldwide network - worldwide success

Rudolf Koller founds Koller Malta Limited – from there, international customers are served in many different languages.


Austrian national coat of arms in recognition of the company’s merits for the economy

The enterprise is honoured for its merits with the Austrian national coat of arms. In the same year, the revolutionary Magic Jet is developed. The new patent combines the air and water nozzle to create a completely new massage feeling.


Future Jet - the future of water massage

The novel nozzle, also called “Water Jet”, is a pure water nozzle and works without any air being added. This results in a completely new and more intense massage effect.


The new millennium starts with growth

Rudolf Koller spol.s r.o. moves into a newly erected factory building, where all plastic parts manufactured by Koller are produced on a production area of approx. 10,000 m² using state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding machines. Toolmaking is also housed in the Czech factory.


Koller facilitates assembly

The development of the C-profile series for jet pumps and air blowers substantially facilitates the assembly of the devices. In this year, Rudolf Koller is awarded the title of “Kommerzialrat” (Councillor of Commerce) in recognition of his merits as an Austrian entrepreneur.


The right illumination from own production

This is the year when the lamp for chromotherapy is launched on the market. Meanwhile, a great number of chromotherapy products such as illuminated pushbuttons and air regulators or illuminated jet nozzles have been added. The development of the zone massage by Koller makes an individualized massage process possible.


New in Spain

Fine Austrian S.L. is established in Spain. From there, Southwestern Europe and South America are supported. Assembly is further optimized, too. The click-in technology is a revolutionary connection system which facilitates the assembly of mini, midi and micro jet nozzles.


Bath additives especially for whirlpools

These products are marketed under the brand name “Relaxan”. Koller adds products for sauna and steam bath to the product range and starts the in-house production of cleaning agents and disinfectants for whirlpools. In this year, the whisper pool series is extended by the “Silent Pool”. The special nozzles are extremely quiet and reduce water noise to a minimum.


Products are getting smaller and flatter

In this year, Koller launches two important developments on the market: Nano Jet, the small nozzle for even better whirlpools, and the Flatline series: these nozzles, suction fittings, switches, lamps, air regulators, etc., are very flat and combine an extraordinary design with quality and functionality.


Whirlpools for babies

The patent for the baby whirlpool tub is filed, and the Koller Aqua Active series (products for water revitalization) is created in this year.


Koller goes UK

Rudolf Koller founds Koller UK Limited in England to optimally support customers in Northern Europe from there. In the same year, the enterprise starts its own pipe and hose production.


New machines. New offices.

The Viennese office is relocated from the 10th district to the new group headquarters at 1210 Vienna, Brünner Straße 313-315. In Vitis, the fully automatic electroplating unit is commissioned. 2013 also sees the installation of a new plant for laser engraving.


Modernization of the parent plant in Vitis

By completely converting CNC production and the grinding shop, and by connecting the electroplating unit to the new automatic COSMAP 7-axis grinding and polishing machine with an exhaust system, the production plant in Vitis is upgraded to the latest state of the art, thus also creating new apprenticeship training positions in the area of CNC production and surface technology / electroplating.


Internet for whirlpools

The new control panel “Poolmasters” created by Koller is the first panel with Internet functionality, which ushers in a new era in whirlpool technology. CNC production technology is extended by a sliding headstock automatic lathe.


Further modernisation. Production of IR-panels start.

Infrared heating production and launch of sales in many variations and dimensions. Installation of a Canon Océ Arizona flatbed printer for digital glass print of our IR-panels. 2016 production methods are further modernized in many fields.

In addition to our ERSA solder for automatic lead-free soldering of circuit boards, we also put a digital coat thickness measuring device in operation. Furthermore the electroplating process is aligned with the new drinking water ordinance. Therefore we are as partner in the whole sanitary industry at the cutting edge of technology.


New trademark appearance – with big steps towards the future

Our complex modernisation by our new trademark appearance also becomes externally apparent. Product launches of many new innovative highlights, KOLLER MILK System, Spa pumps and filter pumps just to name a few.

 In Vitis, a measuring room with a Zeiss measuring machine O-INSPECT 543 CFS for optical and tactile measurement is put into operation. As the environment is always very close to our heart, we invest in a digital sewage water analysis system. Therefore we make a valuable contribution in the matter of environmental protection.


Convection air furnace

The convection air furnace is the universal oven for heat treatment of general cargo. Whether aluminium, steel, brass or copper, the convection air furnace is the ideal system for heat treatment and stress-relief annealing of parts. It can be used for heat treatment at temperatures up to 600 degrees. The furnace is equipped with an inner steel housing and the heating takes place by means of electric tubular heaters. The heat energy generated in the furnace interior is passed through an electric fan to the workpieces. Special feature: In order to avoid oxidation of the articles, it is possible to anneal parts by means of nitrogen. (Free of annealing colours)


Deckel MAHO 5-axes machining center

With this modern 5-axis milling machine we are able to produce complex parts with the highest quality standards in series production. The spindle speeds of 18.000 rpm and programmable feed rates in the X/Y and Z-axis of up to 20m/min also allow the production of free-form surfaces in the highest surface quality.



This grinding and polishing machine allows an economical production of parts in medium to high quantities. Due to the clamping technology, parts up to a diameter of 350mm can be machined. In a work order it is possible to grind the parts on 3 stations, polish on 3 stations and to clarify on a station (high-gloss polishing).


Deckel MAHO 5-axes machining center

With this modern 5-axis milling machine we are able to produce complex parts with the highest quality standards in series production. The spindle speeds of 18.000 rpm and programmable feed rates in the X/Y and Z-axis of up to 20m/min also allow the production of free-form surfaces in the highest surface quality.


Deckel MAHO 5-axes machining center

With this modern 5-axis milling machine we are able to produce complex parts with the highest quality standards in series production. The spindle speeds of 18.000 rpm and programmable feed rates in the X/Y and Z-axis of up to 20m/min also allow the production of free-form surfaces in the highest surface quality.

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