Dear customers

the Koller team desire to let you know that despite the health emergency that is affecting the country,
our business continues without interruption unless there are new regulations from the government.

The company has taken every possible step to limit any risk and guarantee safety to those who work in the factory.

We are aware of our capabilities and potential and continue with the aim of reaching the set horizons, despite the obstacles in the way.

We will keep you informed on our homepage concerning further developments and
thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this difficult situation for all of us.

Your KOLLER team

Stop Corona

In diesen schwierigen Zeiten können wir sie auch mit den
dringend notwendigen Schutzmasken und Desinfektionsmittel beliefern.

 Bleiben Sie gesund!


The name Koller stands for technical know-how, state-of-the-art production facilities and a spirit of innovation from Austria. The Koller group of companies successfully operates in various business segments: As one of the worldwide leading companies in water technology Koller develops and produces components for whirlpool systems at the location in Vitis. Moreover, Koller is a renowned partner for enterprises where the production and electroplating of metal parts is concerned. All products are manufactured to highest quality standards and exclusively inside the EU. The Koller Timber & Hardware Store offers wood products for business and private customers.



Founded in 1978 - today an enterprise acting and leading on an international scale. We produce all products on our own and exclusively inside the EU. 
As a reliable partner for our customers, we’ll support you from concept design to series maturity and production.


Koller International Group

With comprehensive technical know-how, perfectly trained employees and the ingenuity that has made Koller great we find the best possible solutions for your requirements. Learn more about Koller International Group:
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