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Eco Disinfect is effective against coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses whose members cause disease in vertebrates. Normally, viruses can only reproduce in a very limited number of species and infect these in the process. However, coronaviruses are highly variable and can therefore overcome species and can be transmitted to humans. In the past, such events have led people to infections (SARS, MERS). This current outbreak, of a previously unknown coronavirus, was first identified in Chinese city of Wuhan and the infection has spread globally.

Corona viruses are passed on like influenza (flu) viruses by droplets (sneezing, coughing). Even infected people who feel well and show no symptoms of illness can spread the new virus to other people. How long this virus can survive outside of the human body is not known yet.

Like influenza viruses, coronaviruses have an outer shell made of lipids and proteins. The properties of this shell are crucial for an infection. ECO DISINFECT is a strong oxidizing agent and destroys the envelope structure of these viruses. Thus they are inactivated and lose the ability to infect.

ECO DISINFECT acts against corona viruses.

The disinfectant effectiveness of ECO DISINFECT was proven while tested against enveloped viruses on two test viruses the vaccinia (smallpox) virus and the BVDV (bovine viral diarrhea virus). ECO DISINFECT is produced electrolytically from table salt and water using the ECALIT® process. It contains no organic-chemical substances and can be fogged without special safety measures. (Observe application instructions, biocidal products must be used with care. Before use always read label, marking and product information).

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