ECO Disinfect 250+

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: Disinfectant for all surfaces - 250 ml bottle with spray nozzle :

APPLICATION: Ready to use solution for disinfection and surface disinfection. Do not rinse.

MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: Do not use on non-passivated metal surfaces. Test surfaces for colour fastness or bleaching effects in inconspicuous areas.

NOTES: Use biocides safely! Can be nebulized without special safety measures, however, inhalation of the spray mist should be avoided. Always read the label and product information before use. No undesirable side effects.
Store in a cool place and protect from direct sunlight. Consume within 
3 months after opening.

FIELDS OF APPLICATION: For disinfecting cleaning of surfaces using the spray-wipe method, e.g. work surfaces, floors, refrigerators, surgeries. Without alcohol, without aldehydes, without colourings and fragrances, odour inhibiting. Bactericide, fungicide, virucide, sporicide. Tested according to VAH and DGHM guidelinest.

COMPOSITION: The labelling of ECO DISINFECT according to directive 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC is not applicable. The product is not subject to classification according to the calculation method of “General EC Classification guidelines for mixtures” in the latest valid version. Best before: see base plate

Warnung: Close the bottle containing the disinfectant carefully after use. Keep in tightly closed original containers in cold, dry and well-ventilated areas. Protect against freezing. Do not store with foodstuffs, drinks and animal feed.

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250 ml bottle
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